Jay Precision has an injection moulding facility that boasts of the best available machines. Our Fleet of over “150” injection moulding machines ranges from 40 to 450 tonnes and incorporates moulding technologies for 2K moulding, coining technology (for thick walled components), liquid silicone moulding and vertical moulding. Centralized conveying systems enable automatic raw materials delivery with no manual intervention. All machines are interfaced with robots for automatic ejection of parts and runner regrinding. Additionally, every unit has a well-trained, technical team in place to ensure efficiency and precision production. A strong Quality Assurance team is in place to keep a strict check during every stage of production. We maintain “Good Manufacturing Practices” and provide holistic services to all our clients.

Injection Moulding Machinery :

  • Injection moulding machines from renowned manufacturers including Arburg, Ferromatik, Engel, JSW and Negri Bossi.

Additive Manufacturing :

  • The Arburg freeformer 200-3X uses its patented technology to build a product layer by layer one droplet at a time using a 0.2mm nozzle. This technology allows us to use any conventional thermoplastic in granular form. Two injection units enable the user to build a product with two different materials within the same component.
0-100 Tones
100-200 Tones
200-450 Tones