Jay Precision Products India

Founded 30 years ago, Jay Precision Products India Pvt Ltd has built a strong foundation and a spotless reputation as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices, toys, special purpose machines and many other products. Providing Quality at the right price was, and remains to this day the primary goal of the company as a whole. Leveraging our world class infrastructure and strong focus on innovation & technology, we strive to achieve excellence in every endeavour we undertake. In addition to our primary products, we also manufacture high precision multi cavity plastic injection/compression moulds, die casting tooling, press tools, assembly machines for packaging and automation, and robotic devices.

Client Focus

At Jay Precision, our approach is led by an unwavering focus on fully understanding the needs of clients and delivering on our promises, regardless of the scale or complexity of the challenge in hand. Working collaboratively with our clients, we develop bespoke teams and solutions from concept through every stage of the project to completion, ensuring the best expertise and resources are deployed to achieve the required time, cost, quality, safety and sustainability. We work in close tandem with the clients to provide end to end solutions and deliver at the very highest of levels.

Mr. Xerxes Rao

Founder & Managing Director

Coming from humble beginnings Mr. Xerxes Rao has spent the last 30 years blazing a trail to achieve excellence and become a true “Titan of Industry”. A self-made man, his focus is constantly on achieving new heights of innovation and efficiency. In his own words , “Nothing is impossible. Stagnation in life is death”.

Perfect Solutions

  • Turnkey solutions
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Social & Ethical Compliance
  • Personalised solutions
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Unrivaled Workmanship
  • Competitive Prices
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Design Expertise
  • Efficiency & Precision

Quality before all else